Of Poetry, Paula, Professors and Presidents...

Poet Saeed Jones interviewed me about poetics and Conquering Venus at his blog, for southern boys who consider poetry. Thank you, Saeed, for featuring me and the insightful questions.

This has been a very long week, punctuated by my car dying on Wednesday. I had to have it hauled out of the parking garage at my building and taken to mechanic. The alternator was shot, and that had drained the battery. I really can't afford a new car, but my trusty old Escort is 12 years old and has well over 100,000 miles. I had the car one final time. The next time big repairs are needed, I'm driving it to the scrap yard.

The incident with Harvard professor Henry Gates being arrested for breaking into his own home has usurped President Obama's attempt to keep everyone on message with health care reform. Gawker has an analysis of the controversy that, I think, presents both sides and shows that Gates and the cop were both at fault, but something in the milk ain't clean about the cop's report that he ordered Gates out of the house because the acoustics in the kitchen were bad. Say what? Obama invited Gates and the cop to the White House to kiss and make-up over beers.

Oh, and if the producers don't have Paula Abdul back on American Idol next year, I'm not watching the show. I rag on Miss Pills in my recaps, but her loopy antics are entertaining and endearing. Idol would not be the same without her incoherent ramblings. Rumors are she wants $20 million for next season. Fox can afford it. Pay up, ya cheap bastards.


The Peach Tart said…
I'm with you on Paula.

As always President Obama shows his class and diplomacy.
We have three observations about the Harvard professor incident:

1. We find it interesting that the fact that this was the professor's home was evidently not established early on way before the dispute escalated;

2. We find it fascinating that the versions of two members of society, who most would ordinarily view as responsible and honest citizens (this obviously does not include politicians), would vary so dramatically from a factual point of view.

3. Finally, considering that the reading and viewing public were not present at the scene (and thus have no first hand knowledge), and that there is no video tape to our knowledge of the sequence of events and what was said, how so many have formed conclusions, and made assumptions, about who did what and who was wrong.

There are some things which Professor Gates might have considered upon the arrival of the police, no matter how incensed he may have been.
Lisa Allender said…
Love your comments, Collin, as always, spot-on.
Peace, yo.
Lisa Allender said…
Sorry to hear about your car. That mini-road-trip to south Georgia, a few years ago, was so much fun!(the B & N Bookstore; dinner at "Hooters")
christine said…
That's tough news about the car, Collin. I hate spending money on vehicles.

I'm heading over to read the interview, and then to check out the Gawkers link.

And I agree with you about Paula. At least she's authentically loopy.
christine said…
Great interview. I especially liked your comments about your life as a writer and the state of poetry today. He mentions 'Credentials,' one of your first poems I read, and one that went straight to my heart. I also like that you defy classification.

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