Venus update, book tour, more Poets on Twitter

Conquering Venus is in "pre-media," which means it's almost ready to go to the printer, according to Vanilla Heart. Woot! While this is happening, I've been trying to set up readings and signings outside Atlanta. I have a friend in Austin helping me set something up there and another working on Florida. I was on the phone yesterday with bookstores in Tennessee and South Carolina and am waiting to hear back about dates. One bookstore declined because they aren't doing readings and signings anymore unless the author has friends or family to come and buy books. The owner's response was that people just aren't coming to readings anymore. That's a bummer.

Any day now, I'll be finding out if either of the AWP panels in Denver were accepted and I also hope the Split this Rock panel I'm on gets accepted. I've been invited to do a reading in Savannah in February (details soon) and would love to go back to Saints & Sinners in New Orleans. Fingers crossed that 2010 is chockablock with events for Conquering Venus.

I've started compiling another list of Poets on Twitter. Since the first list appeared back in the spring, the number of poets who are tweeting has grown substantially. There were many poets who didn't make the list, but left there follow names in the comments, so I'll be verifying those and putting up a brand new list in the coming week. Are you a poet who tweets? Let me know! Rules will be the same as last time: You can't be an anonymous tweeter and you have to be actively tweeting right now.

Oh, and if you aren't following the Modern Confessional blog, scroll down the sidebar and join in!


Semaphore said…
Hi Collin, the following poets should be on your list (and I'm sure there are many I've missed!):

Ellen Hopkins - @EllenHopkinsYA
Courtney Ray - @melancholyroot
Jen Campbell - @yellowstring
Gillian Sze - @gilliansze
Eduardo Ribeiro - @edoowado
Francis Scud - @franscud

Anonymous said…
Hi Collin - Thanks for updating!

Bernadette Geyer - @bernadettegeyer

Aisha said…
JC Reilly @Aishatonu. But maybe you knew this. :-)

Good luck on all of your signings!
Anonymous said…
Robin Kemp @profkemp -- you betcha!
Collin Kelley said…
Robin, you and January O'Neil were the ones who actually prompted me to start list 2.0, so you're most definitely there.
Allen Taylor said…
Great idea. Of course you can me


Or any of my several hundred followers.
Lisa Allender said…
Have only tweeted a bit, but DO add me!
Link at my site.
Peace, yo.
Melissa said…
Count me in!


Thanks for doing this!
christine said…
I read on facebook that your panel was accepted. Congratulations! I think you could also connect with a lot of readers based on the strong dream element of Conquering Venus. It has really engaged my interest...

Will you be doing another Twitter Ocho?
Chickenlady said…
Add me please!

January said…

When setting up readings at bookstores in other cities, I've had luck paring up with another local writer. Helps bring in more people to your reading.

And I may be at Split this Rock. I'm still mulling it over.
Anonymous said…
@robottomulatto, I post every single day, at least one tweet. I have for some time.

What a cool idea. I would love to connect to more poets via Twitter. I'm not sure I know more than a couple
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I've submitted for Split this Rock on behalf of the Affrilachian poets. We'll see if we get accepted, and if so, I'll see you there. :P

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