Conquering Venus Blog Tour

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm doing a blog tour for Conquering Venus and the first stop is tomorrow on Christine Swint's wonderful Balanced on the Edge blog. I did a Q&A with Christine a few works ago about the novel and it's creation.

The blog tour will consist of Q&As, essays, reviews and video interviews. Here's the other blogs on the tour. Exact dates are still being discussed:

Balanced on the Edge (Christine Swint)
Flux Capacitor (Maggie May Ethridge)
The Peach Tart (Deborah Bailey)
I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin (Dustin Brookshire)
SheelerBirth (Jackie Sheeler's YouTube channel)
Being and Writing (Kate Evans)
Poet Mom (January O'Neil)
Xanga (Chelle Codero)


jessica handler said…
Good idea! I really like the Flux Capacitor blog, too - will read you there. (I should RSS feed that.)
Good luck with the book, Collin. Sorry you won't be visiting Blighty this fall after all.

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