Pushcarts & Tea Baggers

Hobble Creek Review nominated my poem "Jean Arthur at the Lincoln Memorial" for a Pushcart Prize." Many thanks to editor Justin Evans for publishing the poem and nominating it. The poem happens to be a great segue into the video above of the "Tea Baggers" who marched on D.C. this past weekend. Tens of thousands of them. The video is hilarious and scary, mainly because these people are so ignorant and have been brainwashed by conservative talk show cretins and misinformation spread by the Republican Party. To quote the great Karen Walker: Lordy, Lordy, look at all the freaks.


Hilariously sickening.
Tilt Press said…
I posted the same video on my blog today! The republican talking heads have half this country convinced we need a revolution. (i say bring it on).

But this video is deeply scary - the ignorance is rampant. "bury obamacare with kennedy" - CRAZY!!

They do not wear desperation well.

- rachel
Tilt Press said…
I just realized we didn't post the same video - but it's the same "march".

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