Thursday Music: Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston

I ain't even gonna lie -- I love this song. It's been stuck in my head all week. Alicia Keys wrote it, so that might have something to do with it. Whitney looks and sounds amazing. Glad she's back. I have fond memories of seeing Whitney in concert in 1987 at the old Omni Arena in Atlanta with my friend Valerie. We had amazing seats and Whitney tore the roof off the place.


its nice to see a new generation of whitney.
Anonymous said…
She sounded like shit on GMA but better on Oprah. They've done some good studio work on this vocal because the drugs have ruined "THE VOICE" as Oprah kept calling it. Still it is a catchy as hell song.

January said…
I heard her on GMA and I agree with GAV, she was terrible. Love Whitney but I'm reluctant to buy the album.

I remember the '87 tour. Went with a group of friends in Norfolk, VA, and we dressed up because it was an evening with Whitney--something special. Glad she's back.
stacebro said…
Oh, no you DIDN'T. I WAS THERE, TOO!!!!! Oh, honey. She tore it UP.
Collin Kelley said…
She was amazing at that show. I don't even remember how we got such good tickets. The show was in the round, if I remember correctly, and she was on a platform and the band was on platform below her. Kenny G. (lawd...) opened for her and I remember he came off the stage and walked through the audience while he was playing.
cleo said…
This is a great song, I'm glad to see that she's surrounding herself with creative positive people again. This is a nice song, but a pretty safe pop tune. I'm still waiting for her album though where she vents out all that crazy drug induced co-dependent craziness with BB.
mister jim said…
Amazing longevity.
Think the phoenix should simplify,
go full circle.
Lisa Allender said…
Hi Collin, excellent! I loved her on both GMA, and on Oprah!
Oprah should hold Whitney more accountable, however, 'cuz I don't believe EVERYTHING was Bobby Brown's fault.
Love this song!

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