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I'm off to New York this weekend for readings at The Tank on Sunday and Monday evening. The Tank is located at the 45th Street Theatre in Hell's Kitchen, 354 W. 45th St.

Sunday, Oct. 18, 7:30 p.m.
Fierce: An evening of intense voices in fiction and literary-themed burlesque


Elise Blackwell
Collin Kelley
Katie Kitamura
Sarah Rainone
D.E. Rasso

Performances by members of Storybook Burlesque

Fierce is a night celebrating the powerful, the moving, the offensive and the exhilarating in modern fiction, gathering 5 of the most exciting writers currently putting pen to paper.

Readers include current South Carolina-based Elise Blackwell, author of three critically acclaimed novels, "Hunger", "The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish", and "Grub", with a fourth on the way in 2010; Award-winning Atlanta poet and journalist Collin Kelley, whose recently-published first novel "Conquering Venus" is a triumph of heart, sex, time and place; world traveler Katie Kitamura, whose novel "The Longshot", about the inense underground world of Mixed Martial Arts, has her being called “the second coming of Hemingway”; Sarah Rainone, author of high school yearbook from hell coming of age novel "Love Will Tear Us Apart" that’s as sexy, bittersweet and unnerving as the song it takes its name from; and D.E. Rasso, cult-fave writer/blogger/expert on ways to kill a man using only one hand, recently published to great critical acclaim in the renowned breakup story collection "Love Is A Four-Letter Word".

Supplementing the readings will be performances by the literary-themed Storybook Burlesque troupe, ensuring the level of connection between the visual and the audible, the written and the seen, never drops.

Monday, Oct. 19, 7:30 p.m.
Just Working On My Novel: The bi-monthly reading series that's drunken and curious. That makes it drunkenly bi-curious.

"Just Working On My Novel"-a night to air the bones and skeletons rattling in the closet, that take the shape of half-finished, mid-craft pieces of fiction and nonfiction. It is a reading series, and it is awesome. It is a force of nature, and it tastes like candy.

"Just Working On My Novel"-Because everyone's writing a novel. There are some who believe everyone should write a novel. Obviously Lauren Conrad agrees. If she can do it, are you telling me you can't? It doesn't even have to BE a novel. Nonfiction works, too, but "Just Working On My Somethin' Somethin' " doesn't have the same ring to it.

Host for this go-round of Just Working On My Novel are not one but TWO esteemed authors-South Carolina's Elise Blackwell and Atlanta's Collin Kelley.

Collin is an award-winning poet and journalist, and has recently published his first novel, "Conquering Venus". Elise has released three novels to critical acclaim, "Hunger", "Grub" and "The Unnatural History Of Cypress Parish" and is on the faculty at the University of South Carolina.

What Elise and Collin will do: read from what they've published. Read from unpublished works. Talk to you. Drink.

What you will do: Show up at 7 to inquire about a place in line to read your 5-10 minute unpublished work of fiction or nonfiction. Be prepared for critiques. Drink. Donate to support the tank nonprofit art space, because it loves you and you love it.

Signup at 7 p.m., readings at 7:30 p.m.


January said…
Have a great weekend in NYC. You deserve it!
Lisa Allender said…
'drunkenly bi-curious." Hilarious.
"Break A Line" Coll, as you say!

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