NYC report

A quick update on my trip and readings in NYC. I arrived late Saturday afternoon to a cold and rainy Manhattan. BFF Jackie and I hung out all evening at her place in Harlem, catching up and talking late.

Sunday was more rain and being totally lazy. Last night, we hopped on the subway and went down to the 45th Street Theater and The Tank space for Fierce, a literary event hosted by Russ Marshalek. I read with Elise Blackwell, Dana Rasso and Sarah Rainone. Katie Kitamura was sick and didn't show, which was a little disappointing. Brett Sandusky taped an interview with me for the about-to-launch publishing biz website, Quit Being a Hooker, Hooker. It's a pretty loopy, improvisational interview. I think it will be posting soon. I was so excited to see my friend and the brilliant musician, Vanessa Daou, in the audience. Her support has been amazing. Love ya, V!

The only downside of the evening was that the bookseller didn't get copies of Conquering Venus. There was plenty of blame-game going on who dropped the ball on that issue. I was momentarily livid, but there was nothing to be done. I guess my days of schlepping books to readings isn't over yet.

Tonight, I'll be co-hosting the prose open mic, Just Working on My Novel, which is also being held at The Tank. I'll read again from Venus and Elise Blackwell will be reading from her work. I have a couple of copies of Venus with me, so those will be for sale at the table tonight. If you're NYC and coming down, sign up for the open mic is at 7 and the readings begin at 7:30 p.m. A big crowd is expected, according to hookers in charge Russ and Brett. ;-)


Pris said…
They didn't have the books? Egads, Collin.
January said…
Too bad they didn't have your book, but it sounds like you're having a great time otherwise.

Good luck tonight!
T. Clear said…
Got my copy of Conquering Venus in the mail today....will do my best to convince my book group to choose it as their next book!
Lisa Allender said…
WTF? No copies of CV?
Sounds like the rest of the evening went well.
Vanessa Daou. Wow and Yum.

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