Happy 40th Sesame Street

I can't believe I'm the same age as Sesame Street. The opening above is the one I remember from my childhood. Only now can you see how radical it was -- the multi-cultural blending, the children running from deserts, farms and what appears to be ghettos to get to Sesame Street. It was always a haven for me. It taught me so much. Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!


Nancy Devine said…
i'm a bit older than sesame street, and i admit, i didn't watch it much. but when i did, it didn't occur to me that it was so radical. rather, the people and the settings just seemed so commonplace, even though where i grew up in north dakota, white people and white snow were the elements of the commonplace.
Collin Kelley said…
I believe several states banned it at first, including Mississippi, because it showed mixing of the races. I think the very idea of teaching children to read, count and learn via television was a pretty radical idea for 1969. Glad the creators had a vision.
Maggie May said…
I love loved SS growing up.
Here is an interview Terry Gross did w/ one of the original writers of Sesame Street. It is great!


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