Weekend Music: Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

One of the catchiest pop songs of the year and a video that will leave you both creeped out and exhilarated for its audacity. It's sorta of 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Eastern Promises. Oh, and little of The Burning Bed thrown in, too. GaGa has single-handedly resurrected the music video as an art form. Madonna should take note. The video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday of this week and has received more than 6 million views in just three days.


Radish King said…
I have accidentally fallen in love with her, thanks to you.
Radish King said…
ps. 3 million of those views were mine.
Charles said…
OMG, have we finally found common cultural ground...? I'm afraid the universe may fold in on itself now.
Radish King said…
David Herrle said…
F-ing awesome.
I finally watched this video this weekend, and it was my first time hearing the song-- fagulous!
I literally gasped and then collapsed into giggles when I saw the polar bear rug cape. Her music is fun, but her costumes blow my mind. She far out-Madonnas Britney, out-Chers Christina, and out-Bowies Adam Lambert. She even out-Tinas Beyonce.

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