Christmas Eve

I've spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning up my blogroll links and wishing fellow bloggers happy holidays. I hadn't done a link clean-up in a year and it was shocking how many folks have abandoned their blogs, shut them down all together or moved to other platforms. My blogroll is now a good bit shorter than it was before and I've tried to update all the links for those who have moved elsewhere. Let me know if I missed you.

I'm off with friends tonight for dinner and a movie and then spending Christmas Day with the family eating ham, pork roast and other goodies. I'm giving my parents and grandmother lottery tickets. No joke. We're not really doing presents this year since no one has any money, so it really is the thought that counts.

I'm posting some reviews and a "Best of 2009" list over the weekend and next week, not to mention working on the Conquering Venus sequel.

I'm posting another of my favorite holiday songs below -- Sting's "Gabriel's Message." Tomorrow, I'll be posting holiday wishes and the video for the greatest Christmas song ever.


jeannine said…
Happy holidays, Collin! You've been so busy - hope you get to enjoy some time off.
dana said…
Happy holidays to you, too! Have a "funci" new year. (Funci is my word verification for this comment.)
Billy Claus said…
Happy holidays! Ho, ho ho!
Liz said…
Adore the Sting song...thanks! Happy Holidays, Collin!
Karen J. Weyant said…
Belated holiday wishes!

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