Homo for the Holidays

I'm packing for for my trip to Nashville tomorrow and looking forward to reading Conquering Venus out of town (see the post below for details). Unfortunately, that excitement has been slightly tempered by having to postpone some events in the new year. Readings in San Francisco, San Jose and LA are on hold for now because I simply can't afford to go. The press doesn't have any money to pick up the tab and I don't have any academic affiliation or sugardaddy to tap into for funds, so that means I'll be chillin' in the ATL working on the second book instead. There's also some changes happening at my day job, which will require me to be around more often. As a journalist, I'm thrilled to still have a job, so I plan to give it my full attention.

While that's disappointing, there are readings coming up in Savannah, Washington D.C., AWP in Denver and maybe New Orleans. I'll also be doing a few more events in Atlanta, including this Saturday's Homo for the Holidays extravaganza at Bound to Be Read Books in East Atlanta Village. The reading is from 3-6 p.m. and features Karen Head, Robin Kemp, Franklin Abbott, Alice Teeter, Cleo Creech, Larry Corse, Antron-Rechaud and Yolo Akili. We'll be reading from our work and books will be for sale. Check out the link on Bound to Be Read's website for more.

I'll post photos up tomorrow night of the reading at OutCentral in Nashville. I also want to have my photo taken at the Ryman Auditorium. I wonder if they'd let me read a poem on the stage or maybe hum a few bars of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight." Maybe? Ya think? Yeah, probably not.


Charles said…
I'm excited to see you in the spring! Do you know how long you'll be in town?

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