Jazz hands!

Just got in from the party for Creative Loafing's 2010 Fiction Contest at eyedrum gallery. I was one of the judges this year and had the honor of introducing first place winner Lucas Church. His story, "Clothes Lines," about a high school janitor with a fetish for silky slips, was excellent. Creative Loafing also kindly wrote up a short piece on me and also had me select my favorite books of 2009. Many thanks to Debi Michaud and to Joeff Davis for the funny photo of me doing my best jazz hands that accompanied my judge's bio.

Many thanks to all of you who voted for Conquering Venus in the Preditors & Editors Poll at the Critters Workshop site. The deadline to vote is Jan. 14, but you can only vote once, so if you haven't already, I really would appreciate it.

The Lambda Literary Foundation released its long list of nominees and Conquering Venus is there for debut fiction. Fingers crossed that it becomes a finalist. The announcement will be made by March 15.


Anonymous said…
here's wishing you win, Collin~

best wishes

Charles said…
<3 for the photo! And good luck with Lambda. Let's send each other good vibes!
The Peach Tart said…
I love the photo. I will go and vote now and please keep me abreast of anything else I can help you with.
January said…
Love you jazz hands!

Good luck. :)
Aisha said…
I love the jazz hands too! That's such a funny, happy picture.

And good luck!
christine said…
Congratulations, Collin! CV deserves the attention. What a fantastic photo of you. It makes me want to pop jelly beans and buy a helium balloon.
jessica handler said…
Fingers (and other parts) crossed for the Lambda award. That would knock Conquering Venus to a whole new level of love.

The Jazz Hands picture scares me. Just sayin'. :)

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