American Idol 9 - Hollywood Week, Part 1

After a month of audition shows, the competition got under way Tuesday in Hollywood. Along with it, America’s favorite lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, finally joined the judging panel.

Ellen explained her qualifications to be a judge: “I do know what it’s like to stand on stage and please a room full of people.”

Which means a Goldie from the Clairmont Lounge could be an “American Idol” judge. Hey…not a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind a little music followed by some beer cans being crushed by massive knockers on primetime TV.

While 181 wannabes made it to Hollywood week, you’d never know it watching Tuesday’s frenetic hour full of too many commercials. With groups of eight performing in sudden death rounds –either coming back for tomorrow night’s group rounds or going home—we never met most of the people being cut, so there was no emotional attachment to worry about.

Many of the contestants who sounded good in auditions—and some who should have never made it to Hollywood in the first place (I’m looking at you, SkiiBoSki)—were shown the door quickly.

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The Peach Tart said…
Blondie might be a real good addition.
christine said…
LOL, Collin. Goldie from the Clairmont!

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