American Idol 9 - Top 24 Revealed

The leaked list from Tuesday’s post on "American Idol's" Top 24 was 99.9 percent correct. One off; so close!

Chris Golightly—the orphan with Sideshow Bob hair—was disqualified because he already had a recording contract and some barely seen kid named Tim Urban has taken his place.

I still don’t understand how some of these people made the Top 24. How the hell did Haeley Vaughn—she of the strangled voice—beat out poor Angela Martin? Proving that the third time isn’t always a charm, she got cut again despite an epic backstory: daddy died, daughter stricken with seizures, time in jail. She’s a better singer than Haeley and deserved to be in the Top 12 girls

Tyler Grady, the mop-haired ‘70s throwback, has Jason Castro stank all over him. I see him going to the Top 10 then burning out. He’s a little too cocky, and he’s watched too many old Jim Morrison videos.

Who the hell is Lacey Brown? She made Top 50 last year, and now she’s in the Top 24. I don’t remember her, and I have a feeling I won’t be remembering her from this year either. Lilly Scott made it, too, but her jazz-tinged voice has a limited vocal range, which will hurt her during Broadway showtune week or disco diva week or whatever shitty theme they’ll foist upon the contestants—and us.

Read the rest of the post and see the Top 24 list at Project Q Atlanta!


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