Have you any dreams you'd like to sell...

Many thanks to Lori at The Next Best Book Blog for asking me to write an essay on how dreams connect the characters in Conquering Venus. When the novel was first being sent around to editors by my then-agent, many were put off by the magical realism sprinkled liberally throughout the pages. I agreed to alter many things about the story, but the dreams and visions the characters share was something I refused to change. Read the essay at this link.

Many thanks to Amaris Guiterrez-Ray and the folks at Georgia Tech's literary magazine, Erato, for hosting a poetry reading for me and JC Reilly this afternoon. Was happy to see Tom Lux, Bob Wood, Robin Kemp and Blake Leland in the audience. JC's first chapbook, La Petite Mort, will be published in July by Finishing Line Press (which published my own After the Poison). I highly recommend you pre-order a copy because JC is the real deal.

I have new poetry coming in the next issue of The Chattahoochee Review, the resurrected Poetz website and in a forthcoming anthology. It's been a big poetry acceptance week!


Joy said…
The dream element is one of the things I love most about Conquering Venus. I'm glad you didn't change that! Is the essay posted? I'll go to Next Best Book and look for it.
Collin Kelley said…
Hey Joy, thanks for that. I made the link a little more obvious, too. :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the new poems coming out!

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Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll.
Um, I'm sure there must be a joke in here:
"...dream essays"
and, uh...
"...studded leather belts for men."
That's rich! ;)
Lisa Allender said…
Got distracted.
meant to say,of course: CONGRATULATIONS on all your upcoming published pieces.
I love The Chattahoochee Review!

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