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Yesterday was a quiet, but productive day in Oxford. After breakfast, the sky was gloomy and there was a chill in the air, so I came back to the cottage and finished writing a new chapter for the Conquering Venus sequel. The character of Frederick Dubois – lover of Jean-Louis and being hunted by Irene – now has a significant backstory. I actually skipped ahead to write this chapter because ideas for Frederick have been bubbling in my brain for weeks, so it was time to get his story on paper.

Karen and I strolled over the Gloucester Green market, which is set up under tents and long tables in the middle of the square. There was everything from clothing to candy and fresh cheese to cell phone covers. I was good and didn’t buy anything.

In the afternoon, I sat in on Karen’s class and added my two cents of critique on podcasts the students created about their time so far in Oxford and other places they have visited as part of the summer abroad program. Karen has 40 students in her class, the largest being taught at Worcester this summer.

We met up with Colin and went to eat dinner at a pizza/pasta restaurant called Fire & Stone. I thought it was excellent. The menu was huge, with pizza recipes from different parts of the world and heaping bowls of spaghetti. We sat near the big windows looking out on to George Street, which was bustling with folks and plenty of people draped in the Spainish flag for the World Cup game.

Colin and I went over to the Worcester pub to watch the German vs. Spain match and, as Paul the Psychic Octopus predicted, Spain beat Germany 1-0. We’ll be in Cardiff on Sunday for the finale, and we plan to find a pub to watch it in after Karen and I read poetry with Ivy Alvarez and Mab Jones.

This afternoon I teach the social media class, which I think will be fun. The students are talkative and engaged. Karen and I are also walking over to the Ashmolean Museum and stopping by the antique market. An update tomorrow.


Radish King said…
I laid naked like a grounded manatee with the fan on. It was almost 100 here in cloudy Seattle. Your time in London makes me ache and it is a delight to read.
Lisa Allender said…
Wowsers, Coll, productive, fun day, and and engaging students! What more may you ask?

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