Weekend Report

A very hectic, but productive weekend and – finally – some fall-like weather in Atlanta. Enough with the hot weather already.

On Saturday, I loaded up the car with my old word processor, printer, camera, cordless phones and assorted cables and took them to an e-recycling event. I've been in full de-clutter mode all year, because I've noticed as I get older, the less stuff I want around me. I've thrown out boxes of magazines and useless brick-a-brack, sold off cassette and VHS tapes and now I'm moving on to some furniture pieces. I have a nice trunk (pictured) that's perfect for storing blankets, books papers, toys, or other treasures. I also have a wooden TV tray set in espresso color, very rarely used. Anybody in ATL want 'em? Let me know – they're going cheap.

I had another social media consulting gig and then met up with the wonderful poet and novelist Andrew Demcak, who was in town for a conference, for dinner. We shared publishing and publicity ideas and traded books. He's a sweetheart.

Sunday was spent working on a questionnaire for Vanilla Heart as part of an upcoming holiday publicity push for their titles, including Conquering Venus. Speaking of Venus, I did a little editing and writing on the sequel. I feel like I'm falling behind on the schedule I've set for myself, so gotta get focused.

Last night, I went to the National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness event at St. Mark's Church. Cleo Creech read some of his work along with other poets and singers. Afterwards, there was a candlelight vigil on the steps of the church. That's Cleo in the photo at left. Gay or straight, I encourage everyone to get tested on a regular basis.


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