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I'm bidding on iPads on eBay. If I can get one for under $400 it will be a victory. I've already lost four to other people. I bought my trusty MacBook brand new on eBay two years ago for $700, so I know it's possible to get a deal if I'm persistent.

Traded in some books and movies yesterday to make room on my shelves for more books and movies. About to start reading Michael Cunningham's By Nightfall. In one sitting, I re-read John Guare's play Six Degrees of Separation. If I were to ever go back to theatre, this would be the play. I'd love to play Flan (especially if Stockard Channing would reprise her role as Ouisa). Chaos, control, chaos, control – you like, you like?

Sent new drafts of four poems to Seven Kitchens Press for next year's re-issue of Slow To Burn.  The title poem is significantly different (i.e. better), while the other three just have minor punctuation and correction of one spelling error that slipped through in the first printing from MetroMania.

Bryan Borland at Sibling Rivalry Press kindly asked me to submit work for a future edition of the new print literary journal Assaracus, which will feature the work of 10 gay male poets in each issue. The quarterly will continue the tradition of the great lit mag, Ganymede. The debut issue of Assaracus comes out in January and will feature poems by Matthew Hittinger, Christopher Hennessey, Shane Allison and more!


January said…
Good luck with the iPad purchase. I've never bought anything on eBay but I have friends who do and seems to have great success.
Nancy Devine said…
i read "The Hours" a couple of weeks ago. wow. i've got cunningham's new work on order.
christine said…
I'd love to see you act in a play, Collin. Love all your literary adventures.

I hope the iPad comes deal through. That would make for a nice wintertime gift.

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