Christmas Eve report

Spent the morning doing my annual Christmas Eve blogroll clean-up. Ten blogs and literary sites disappeared during 2010 and I also tried to update everyone who had migrated to new blogs or websites. If you're in my blogroll check the links in the sidebar and make sure everything is kosher. I appreciate all my fellow bloggers who link back to Modern Confessional and have kept the conversation going for so many years.

One new link worth mentioning is Sibling Rivalry Press, which is now publishing poetry collections and the gay men's poetry journal Assaracus. Fab poet Bryan Borland (author the new collection My Life as Adam) is the mastermind behind Sibling Rivalry, so check out the site and support a new indie press.

Tomorrow night is the premiere of the Doctor Who Christmas Special on BBC America. It's the first time in Who history that the special has aired in the US the same day it airs in the UK. Can't wait!

I hope everyone has a great evening and fantastic day tomorrow!


christine said…
Merry Christmas Collin! I enjoy your blog so much. It's my favorite!

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