Happy Birthday, Emily Dickinson

Today would have been Emily Dickinson's 180th birthday, so to celebrate her poetry and its endurance into the 21st century, qarrtsiluni co-editor Dave Bonta asked a group of poets to record their favorite Emily poems for a special Woodrat Podcast. You can hear me, Kelli Russell Agodon, Ivy Alvarez, Nic Sebastian, Christine Swint, Dick Jones and many more read poems and talk about how Emily has impacted our own work. Hats off to Dave for pulling this together so quickly and for asking me to participate. You can listen at this link or download it and listen at your leisure. The whole podcast is a little over an hour. 


christine said…
It was partly from your Twitter post that I found out about Dave's project. I'm still listening! I've heard about half so far. I'm going to get my book out and read and listen. It's like a home study come alive! For some strange reason, hearing all the contemporary voices reading her work has made the words sing in a new way for me. It's all the more lucid.
Lisa Allender said…

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