Happy New Year Vlog

Well, here it is...the first vlog. If you're on YouTube, please subscribe, share and comment. Happy New Year!


bookfraud said…

Love the vlog. But I was surprised. I thought you would sound like James Earl Jones. Seriously, you project quite nicely on video.

Maybe I should try the vlogging thing. Though I would have to give up the anonymity I crave so...
Happy New Year to you. I like this. Especially because I miss you but also you are entertaining.
Collin Kelley said…
BF - Maybe it's time to step out of the shadows.:)

JP - Miss you, too. Let's try to meet for dinner this month! xo
Finally. ;)
Peter said…
Happy New Year Collin. And best wishes for the Vlog. It's great to hear your voice.

One question: books you showed are in mirror image (reversed). Can it be switched rightways?
Collin Kelley said…
Happy New Year, Peter. I'm not sure why it mirrored, but I have been unable to fix it. I'm sure there is a way to flip it in editing, but I'm still learning. :) Hopefully, when I record the next vlog, I can switch something in the recording process.
Anonymous said…
like your accent and the wave at the end!

in expressive arts, we talk about the "phenomenological" -- now THAT's a mouthful. :)
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
So cool to see you and hear you talking. Get another one up soon.

Val said…
Wonderful first vlog Collin! You are a natural and I look forward to watching more of these. :)
Bryan Borland said…

I just got to watch this, and the highlight of my day (aside from seeing you hold up my book - YAY) was seeing you realize you didn't know how to pronounce the title of the other book, which inspired me to spit my Sprite onto my keyboard. Thanks for that!



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