Vlog2: Gabrielle Giffords, gun control, Verizon iPhone


Nancy Devine said…
collin, i really like the vlogs; it's nice to see the face and hear the voice of you.
it seems like parts of this country are nuts, out of control....i'm at a loss for language.
Chelle Cordero said…
Great Vlog, it's nice to hear and see a real person now and then.

Now for my commentary on the issues (no, you didn't need to ask, I just can't keep my mouth shut about anything, lol)

On Gun Control - having been raised by an NRA instructor and being a good shot myself (PAPER targets only), I appreciate that you agree folks should be allowed to own guns; I also agree there should be some reasonable restrictions. My issue is that until we have consistency across the states regarding ownership AND penalties nothing will work.

Some states, like NY (and even more NYC) actually begin to harass the law-abiding gun owner with both their restrictions and loss of rights - do you know that in NY they have often published lists of gun owners & addresses in the paper (great, now thieves know where to steal from!). Yet there are other states where you can walk in to a store and walk out with a handgun in a brown paper bag.

Then of course there is the law. I get it that there are harsher penalties for the Federal employees killed, but darn it, SIX people died - punish the gunman harshly.

As for the political rhetoric. there probably isn't one of us who hasn't at least chuckled at something that would be offensive o another - it happens, but we all need to watch where and who we say things to. Children and others with reduced capacity think things become "right" because it is said in public forum. Everyone, parents and politicians, need to watch wording so it will not influence anyone in a wrong way.

Finally, AT&T service stinks here too.
Ivy said…
Interesting to get your perspective on these issues, Collin. Stay warm! :-)
Anonymous said…
i am loving these vlogs! i feel like i'm getting a better sense of your personality, and it's such fun!

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