Saints & Sinners

I survived another Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans and have returned to tell the tale. The nearly eight hour drive seems to get longer and longer each year, but it's worth it (and cheaper than flying) because I do love the city and I always meet – or catch up with – fabulous people at S&S.

I was thrilled to finally meet Sibling Rivalry Press mastermind Bryan Borland and his partner, Chris. I also enjoyed hanging out with David-Matthew Barnes and his friends, reading with Dustin Brookshire, hearing Michael Montlack read poems from his new collection, Cool Limbo, and sit in on a memoir panel featuring Felice Picano and Bryan Batt (Salvatore from Mad Men). I got to chat with Scott Cranin, director of TLA Entertainment, and writer/journalist Eric Andrews-Katz. Both great guys!

The highlight of the weekend was co-presenting the social media master class with public relations whiz Michele Karlsberg. We made a good team, bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other. The attendees had plenty of questions and there was some lively back and forth. Many writers still don't understand social media or want to deal with it, but it's the way of the new world order.

My hotel room was at the Monteleone on Royal Street in the French Quarter and I had a lovely view of the city from my window (pictured). The opening night party in the courtyard of the Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré was another highlight.

When we weren't talking literature, we were talking about the terrible flooding taking place along the Mississippi. Keep those folks in your thoughts. The Gulf Coast has been through enough.


Sounds like an energizing weekend!
Lisa Allender said…
Niiice, Coll-Coll.I love that you met "Sal" from Mad Men.My fav show...and I miss that "closeted" gay character.He was brilliant.

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