Self-publishing an eBook of short stories

Among the files I rescued from my 20-year-old word processor (now in recycling heaven) were four short stories written in the mid to late 90s. I had submitted one of the stories, How Fanny Got Her House, to literary magazines back in the day with no success. Now that self-publishing eBooks is all the rage, I've decided to dust off those stories and make them available as a collection.

The plan is to have the eBook available in the Kindle Store and at Smashwords in time for Christmas. The price: 99 cents. That's the sweet spot for eBook sales these days, so I hope everyone will give them a look-see.

A brief synopsis: A devoted maid recalls her employer's death from a brain tumor in How Fanny Got Her House, while a teenage boy comes to terms with his sexuality during an unexpected game of pool in Kiss Shot. A woman escaping an abusive relationship arrives in New Orleans during a rain storm and wanders into the Clover Grill, which pays homage to Tennessee Williams' This Property Is Condemned. I haven't settled on a title for the fourth story, but it's about an overweight hoarder looking for love in all the wrong places.

The stories are wildly different, but there's a hint of "Southern gothic" running through them. More details soon!


Sun Singer said…
Great idea. Many of us may find a few hidden gems in the archives.

Buchgestaltung said…
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