Giveaways, freebies and other updates

Today is the last day to enter the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop giveaway on my blog and at the 70+ authors who are also offering prizes. Visit this link to see more about the giveaway. I'll be announcing a winner on the blog tomorrow – Christmas Day!

If a shiny new Kindle, Nook or other eReader is under the tree this year or if you're just looking for something new to read, check out the fabulous free eBooks available for a limited time at the Indie Book Review blog. My mystery/suspense novel Conquering Venus is one of them, so this is a perfect time to get caught up with The Venus Trilogy before Remain In Light comes out in paperback next month. Visit this link to see all the eBooks available. Better hurry, because this won't last long. Thanks to Lisa Graves for putting this together!

Speaking of Remain In Light, mark your calendars for the big launch reading on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 7:15 p.m. being hosted by Georgia Center for the Book at the Decatur Library Auditorium. The paperback will be available for purchase. 

My Dad came home from the hospital Thursday and is feeling much, much better after some minor complications after his gallbladder surgery. We're glad he's home for the holidays.

A big announcement coming very soon, so watch the blog!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve. Here's another of my favorite Christmas songs, courtesy of Sting.


Clare L. Martin said…
I love BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS. Can't wait to read yours. I have one too that will come after the first of the year. Squee!
So glad your dad is going better. Excited about your announcement - and merry Christmas!
Maureen said…
Glad your father is on the mend!

Thank you for leaving kind wishes earlier today.

May you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy much continued writing success in the coming new year.

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