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Remain In Light is featured at two blogs this week: The Page 69 Test and Campaign for the American Reader. The Page 69 Test is fun because the blog asks authors to turn to page 69 in their novels and write a short essay on how that page is representative of the book as a whole – or not. That particular page in Remain In Light doesn't showcase the mystery/suspense element, but does give a glimpse into the complicated personal lives of the main characters.

Friend and fellow poet Megan Volpert is still seeking poetry submissions for the anthology This assignment is so gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching, which will be published by Sibling Rivalry Press in 2013. The submission period remains open through June 1, 2012. For  guidelines visit,

Another good friend and fellow poet is Maudelle Driskell, who is now the director of The Frost Place in New Hampshire. She sent out a note about The Frost Place holding a Conference on Poetry and Teaching June 24-28. Tuition is $675 and $100 for meals. The faculty includes Baron Wormser, Dawn Potter, Luray Gross and Angela Patten. Over the course of four and one-half days, faculty poets will present specific techniques for teaching poetry including sample exercises and prompts which teachers will be invited to try out and then discuss. Each day will offer sessions devoted to the participants sharing their own teaching ideas - a popular element in prior conferences. In addition, participants will write poetry every afternoon under the guidance of Dawn Potter. For more details, visit

My interview with the fab poet Charles Jensen posts this weekend. Stay tuned.


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