Three Questions for... Charmaine Gordon

My Three Questions series with fellow Vanilla Heart Publishing authors continues with Charmaine Gordon. Before she began her writing career, Charmaine acted professionally on stage and in films, including When Harry Met Sally, Regarding Henry and Working Girl. Her novels include To Be Continued, Starting Over and most recently, Reconstructing Charlie. Find out more about Charmaine at this link.

Do you use an outline or just begin with an idea and write toward a conclusion?
Some people sleep walk, but I sleep write. An idea for a story comes to me in the night – beginning and end. In the morning, I begin the amazing journey of writing as characters jump in and tell their story. The next day, I check out what I’ve written, edit and move on until one day I cry while typing The End.

What's on your writing desk right now?
My writing desk is scary, not at all like the neat organized person I am. There’s a Christmas book my grandest granddaughter likes to read, some crayons, a tub of Play-doh, a heavy flashlight to knock some intruder's head off, two mugs of pens and highlighters and my appointment book. Oh, and the lap top for booting up and writing. Sad to say I’m not skilled at many intricacies like downloading and making pictures go from one place to another. Born too soon to be comfortable with these newfangled gimmicks. I can, however, churn butter and make shoes. If you believe that, wanna buy a bridge? 

What's the worst advice you've been given as a writer?
After receiving accolades for my first book, one major reviewer wrote, “This author should take an extended writing class before attempting any more books.” Fortunately, I had years of acting experience. You learn early on about rejection. Five books later, I have two words for the nasty reviewer and they ain’t Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said…
Love knowing more about you, Charmaine, and your desk sounds a lot like mine! :-)
Sun Singer said…
I've considered using your sleep writing plan, but find that most of my dreams look like they were directed by Federico Fellini, and my Italian just isn't that good (not that it would help if it were).

Melinda, I love learning about me, too. Never know what comes next. Tune in tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.
I suggest VHP gang comes for a sleep-over. A little wine and cheese by the fire and soon sleep-write begins. Malcolm, are you listening?
Thanks Collin, for the nifty post.

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