12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Video trailers have become the norm for book these days, although some authors find them unnecessary and viewers often find them badly produced. There really are some terrible ones out there, but also some beautiful ones. Since I'm a film buff, I decided to try my own hand at creating the book trailer for my literary mystery Remain In Light. I wanted the trailer to have a cinematic feel, so I began tracking down stock video footage of the novel's setting in Paris, as well as looking through my own album of photos from when I'd visited the City of Light. I won't lie – it took several days to make the video trailer into something I felt was worthy of the novel. At the last moment, I got permission from the electronic band Brokenkites to use a piece of music called "Into the Light," which seemed quite appropriate. I put the trailer together using iMovie on my MacBook. I have newfound respect for film editors and filmmakers after the process. I'm proud of the trailer. I hope you will watch it and find inspiration for your book trailer. 

As part of this year's Christmas Blog Hop, I'm giving away a signed print edition of Remain In Light and two eBook editions via Smashwords (which has formats available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.) Leave a comment below and winners will be announced on Dec. 13.

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Anne K Albert said…
Collin, what a wonderful book trailer. It provides a true sense and place, and makes me want to read the book. Kudos!
Dave Bonta said…
Beautifully done, Collin. If you ever try your hand at videopoems, let me know — I'm always looking for good stuff to share at Moving Poems.
Collin Kelley said…
Dave, I actually have done a couple of video poems before. Here's the link:


I'm also creating a series of short films to coincide with the release of my collection, Render, by Sibling Rivalry Press in April. I'll send you one when they're done. :)
Susan Rich said…
Great trailer!
FABULOUS trailer! And what synchronicity with that music! I was thinking very soon in that I would ask where you got that music.
I'll remember Brokenkites!
Cecilia Robert said…
Great trailer! I've been debating whether I should do one for my upcoming YA. I think I will after watching yours. Congrats on your book.

Added you on the list. :)
Collin Kelley said…
Thanks, Anne, Susan and Cecilia.

Extra thanks for Cecilia for adding me to the list after there was some technical snafu with the Blog Hop list. :)

Jemille, brokenkites is in Atlanta. Wonderful, atmospheric, cinematic music.

Maureen said…
So well done, Collin!

While watching the trailer, I kept thinking: so when's he going to announce it's a movie?!
Visiting from the hop (and participating.) Thanks for leaving the message to stop back by here again. Donna
My Life. One Story at a Time.
Evelyn Cullet said…
Impressive video book trailer, Collin. How much do you charge? Just kidding. Good luck on the Christmas Blog Hop.
Lisa Cox said…
I'm not usually a book video trailer fan, but that was very well done. It did almost seem like a preview for a movie.
Thanks for participating in the hop.
Laurie Carlson said…
GREAT video! Like Maureen said, I was expecting an announcement of a movie, too!
Seriously, great trailer! VERY well done!
I'm visiting from an email I received! Thanks for sending one out!
I participated in this last year, but due to many other obligations, had to skip this year. I'm still following it! It was a LOT of fun last yeat!
Laurie Carlson
Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE - Book Reviews
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
Courtney Wyant said…
Amazing video!


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