Southern Poetry Anthology out now

I am honored to have work (including my poem "The Virgin Mary Appears In A Highway Underpass") in the new Southern Poetry Anthology Vol. 5: Georgia, which has just been released by Texas A&M University Press. Natasha Trethewey, David Bottoms, Leon Stokesbury, Thomas Lux, Alice Friman, Judson Mitcham, Rupert Fike, Karen Head and many more of my fellow friends and poets are also included in this anthology. The book was edited by Paul Ruffin and William Wright. You can order it now at this link.


Anonymous said…
Excellent news! Especially since I have a poem forthcoming in Vol. 6! The series is behind on its schedule, so I was getting a little worried. Your post is the first I found about the new volume. Congratulations!

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