Introducing the Sibling Rivalry Press Foundation

Sibling Rivalry Press has taken a huge step forward in its longevity and ability to bring even more amazing books to readers. The nonprofit Sibling Rivalry Press Foundation is now accepting donations to help organize, support, and promote literary events, readings, conferences and workshops.  The foundation will also lend support to other small presses and authors, preserve small press publications of historical value and support literary projects with an emphasis on (but not not exclusive to) LGBTQ projects.

At the new SRP Foundation site, you can make a tax-free donation to an individual (including yours truly to help fund a tour, workshop or other event when my next book is out); to a new literary scholarship; directly support SRP and a selection of other growing small presses; to literary events; and support donations to rural libraries, under-funded schools, correctional facilities and more. Explore all the options at this link.

Under Bryan Borland and Seth Penningtons' guidance, SRP is doing amazing things. With Maureen Seaton, Denise Duhamel and Eduardo Corral joining the SRP family soon, the roster of established and up-and-coming poets continues to grow.

I am proud to be part of SRP and I hope you will lend your support to keep small presses a vital and viable part of literature in America.


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