NOVEMBER UPDATE FOR WEBSITE: Not only is updated for November, it also has a new look for the homepage. Having to click the big winter tree picture to get to the rest of site was a pain in the ass (or so I was told) and the first page people see should be easy to read, navigate, etc. Hopefully this little redesign will help. I'm also excited about the new Links page. It's full of my favorite places on the web including SubtleTea, Jeanette Winterson, Kate Bush, Georgia Writers Association and much more. There's also a new column, new selections of poetry and an update of the Appearances and Review pages. Check out the site when you have a moment.

SIGNING WITH CECILIA: Cecilia Woloch and I went down to Fayetteville this past Saturday for a reading and signing at the Barnes & Noble. Because of various miscommunications and printing issues, neither of us had our new books to sign. Sorry, folks, these things happen. Maybe when we're making Stephen King money it won't, but while we're acting as our own publicist, agent, business manager, we have come to expect the unexpected. It's one of those things you learn about working with small and POD presses. Nevertheless, Cecilia and I had a blast reading for the folks there. I was thrilled to see my art teacher from junior high school, Stella Mitchell, in the audience. She was one of my favorite teachers. Hey, Stella!!!!!!!! Thanks also to Chante Whitley down at B&N for her support and the fun talk at the restaurant afterwards.

OUT POETRY: The gay online zine Velvet Mafia is publishing three brand new poems of mine, and they are not for the faint of heart. I have been writing erotic poetry for many years, but none of it made the cut for Better To Travel because it didn't fit the theme and body of work I wanted to initially give to the audience. However, my poetic voice has many different sides, and starting with these three poems and into 2004, you will see that heartbreak is not the only thing I write about with passion. Many thanks to VM editor Sean Meriwether for his support of this new work and bringing my words to a new audience.


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