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New York Report

Friday Notes & Notions

Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe Tonight

Obama Facts Instead of Fiction

David Tennant Quits Doctor Who

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One Week Until Election Day

Weekend Report

The New Modern Confessional

Blog Construction Zone This Weekend

Why You Must Vote For Obama On Nov. 4

McCain/Palin Downward Spiral Picks Up Speed

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Monday Bits

AQLF Report 2

100,000 strong for Obama in St. Louis

AQLF Report

Sometimes Words Are Unnecessary

Obama: Three for Three in Presidential Debates

AQLF Begins Tonight

Rachel Maddow Calls Palin A Liar - Because She Is

Obama Has An Economic Plan; McCain's Got Zilch

Weekend Update

Reading With Cecilia Woloch Saturday

Video Killed McCain and Palin

Vote for "That One"

Live-Blogging Second Presidential Debate Tonight

Tuesday Bits

Weekend Report

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in VP Debate on SNL!

My "poem" at

Atlanta Queer Lit Fest Publicity

Kate Evans' For The May Queen

Live Blogging & Twittering Vice-Presidential Debate