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Weekend Update

Gay Rights at 40

Stonewall Reading Tomorrow

In Memoriam: Michael Jackson

In Memoriam: Farrah Fawcett

Mid-Week Notes

Decatur Book Festival Update

Decatur Book Festival Media Launch

Outrage and Outing Hypocrites

Conquering Venus Coming In August

Friday Music: "Libertango" from The Tango Lesson

Trouble and Hope: A DVD Anthology

This Revolution Will Be Twittered & Tweeted

National Equality March on Washington

Nominee for Best of Gay Atlanta

Poets' Dinner at Top Flr in Atlanta

Anne Sexton reads "Wanting to Die"

Domestic Terrorism

File this under "duh": Adam Lambert is gay

Fortunate Daughter Press

Writing, Cleaning and Courses

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage

Poetry Updates: OCHO, Karen Head, Robin Kemp & Robert E. Wood

Three Songs For Summer

Christian Terrorists; Cheney Goes Gay