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Thoughts on London and what lies ahead

I spent two amazing weeks in London earlier this month. It was my first time back to the UK since 2014, and I was worried that the city would have changed so much that I wouldn't recognize it. Yes, there are more skyscrapers, Battersea Power Station is becoming a luxury mixed-use development and Crossrail (or the "Elizabeth line" as it will be called) is still under construction, but it also felt fabulously the same. I slipped right back into the hustle and bustle of it all and it was fantastic to be there again.

Some of the highlights: going to the Trump protest in Westminster, taking the Eurostar for a daytrip to Paris to see poet friends Karen Head, Cecilia Woloch and Elizabeth Iannaci, going to the London Rare Book Fair with pal Mecca Ibrahim, visiting Dungeness and Derek Jarman's gravesite with my friends Peter, Krys and Dave, seeing poets Dave Bonta and Elizabeth Amato at the Poetry Cafe, the Edvard Munch exhibition at the British Museum, and having tea with t…

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