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A small update on my work, health, and Kate Bush

It's been several months since my last update here, so I thought I'd elucidate on what's happening with my health, the new & selected collection, etc.  First the book. The collection is broken into seven sections and currently has 100 poems. It may have a few more or a few less as I continue to play with the sequence and figure out what can stay or go. I was fretting over the length of the book, but since this is likely my last full-length collection, I decided what the hell.  There are selections from all of my previously published collections and chapbooks, but it leans more heavily on published-but-uncollected poems and never-before-published ones. It feels right, but there is still quite a bit of tinkering to do. We're still on track for an Autumn 2023 publication date. Stay tuned.  Oh, and the new header of this site and that I've used on my social media is not the cover of the collection. That's simply a fun little placeholder while the final artwork

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