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A review of "Midnight in a Perfect World"

Award-winning, London-based poet Agnes Meadows not only wrote a blurb for the back cover of my new poetry collection, Midnight in A Perfect World (out today from Sibling Rivalry Press), but she also wrote the very first review. This was totally unsolicited and I was absolutely gobsmacked and overjoyed by her praise and insight into this collection. I look forward to reading with Agnes next year in London. In the meantime, here's her review.  

By Agnes Meadows

I have always admired Collin Kelley’s competence as a writer and poet, his ability tap into the broad range of emotional panoramas we embrace as humans, and to describe the highs and lows of life’s rich and varied panoply.So I was looking forward to reading his latest collection ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’, which promised a full and satisfying meander through Kelley’s latest observations and experiences.
This new collection of 32 poems and short prose pieces comes in two parts, and charts a host of journeys both emotional and …

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