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A life update

My mother is in the final stages of stomach cancer. In-home hospice care began last week and a move to inpatient care is likely happening in the next few days. The visiting nurse believes that she only has a few weeks left – if that long. My mother is stubborn, and she resisted the in-home care as long as possible and is adamantly opposed to going to the facility. Despite being in horrible pain, she refuses to take the medication she needs to relieve it. She's angry, argumentative and irrational. Her caretaker and I are exhausted both mentally and physically. We are no longer able to provide the more advanced, round-the-clock care my mother needs as she transitions. I have been very near my breaking point the last few days. I, of course, do not want my mother to die, but to watch her in self-imposed agony is spirit-breaking. I am hoping that peace will find her soon.

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