ODDS & SODS: One of my little luxuries is having a multi-region DVD player so that I can buy all those DVD's from England and watch them here in the states. In the mail yesterday was the new Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness starring the brilliant Helen Mirren as Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison. Of course, this doesn't air on PBS until sometime next month, but I've already seen it! Whoo-hoo. Why does that make me feel special? Anyhow, this is by far one of the strongest stories for Jane Tennisen ever. The story is so tension-filled and there are a couple of scenes that are just gut-wrenching. I actually had to stop the movie for a moment. I have been a fan of this series since it started back in 1992, and watching Helen Mirren slip back into this role is such a pleasure. She is one of the finest actresses of our time. Be sure to catch this on PBS in April.


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