EASTER UPDATE: Poet, playwright, novelist Cherryl Floyd-Miller said some very lovely things about her experience reading at the open mic I host at Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech on her blog this weekend, which made me remember that I haven't posted anything here in a week. So, thanks to Cherryl for reminding me and being fabulous in every way. Good luck on the novel.

I was so focused on the reading in Columbus last weekend, that I forgot to even post about meeting Billy Collins. He gave a reading at GA Tech to something like 900 people. People were packed into two other auditoriums who could just see him on big screens. His poetry is alternately hilarious and moving. His delivery reminded me of Kevin Spacey, so if they ever make a movie about Billy Collins, Spacey should play him. After the reading, Thomas Lux invited me back over to his house for the after-party. Ran into all sorts of folks, including Vijay Seshadri. He's such a nice guy.

Let's see, what else is going on...hmmm. Oh...big one. Cecilia Woloch left yesterday for Paris. She's teaching a workshop there and doing some other traveling. I'm jealous as all get out. I saw her and Tania Rochelle read at Muse Art Cafe last Tuesday night. Nice group of friends there for this reading. I'm going to read there with the great spoken word artist Alice Lovelace on May 4 at 7 p.m. So if you want a good French meal and great poetry...come on out. I'll be reading from Better To Travel (of course) and throw in a few new ones as well.

My calendar for May looks so crazy I'm already exhausted. There are seven events lined up. It will all be posted over at www.collinkelley.com soon. Speaking of the website, it is getting a pretty dramatic overhaul in the coming months. You won't even recognize it. It's going to be sleek, have more photos, sharper graphics, etc. It will probably go live in June. Back to the readings for a moment...I'm planning to take the summer off to focus on my day job and do more writing. I'll have a few things here and there and then come back kicking in the fall. I'm actually going to have someone helping me this summer put together readings in other cities for fall and early 2005 (lord...I can't believe I'm already thinking that far ahead). We're eyeballing New Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C. I'm still waiting to hear about a reading in NYC. Any moment now...

Oh, yes, and the other great news: My best friend Tina Miller is back home from LA after spending four hellish month's there. Welcome back, babe.


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