HOLIDAY WEEKEND REPORT: Wow...if Sunday was any indication of how hot the rest of the summer is going to be, I'm in trouble. We had a great turnout for the Java Monkey All-Stars reading at the Decatur Arts Festival yesterday, but I think I lost about 10 pounds in water weight from sweating. Then at Java Monkey that evening, I lost another five. I felt like I was melting and turning into a puddle.

This was a pretty laid back and quiet weekend. I did some shopping on Saturday and hung out with my best friend. We watched "Love Actually," which was fantastic. Love Emma Thompson...she's brilliant in everything. Today, I just slept late, worked on website stuff, watched the telly and prepared a report for work (ugh!). I could have done without that last bit, but it has to be in tomorrow.

Wednesday night is the big event at Outwrite. It was in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution yesterday and there's also a pic and write up in the new Southern Voice. Getting a bit nervous. :)


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