A NEW POEM: Another work in progress. Let me know your thoughts.
Subliminal Messages in Campaign Advertising
You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy,
you’ll believe everything I say.
The Iraqi’s are terrorists, they got bombs,
they want to kill your kiddies,
they want to defile Baby Jesus,
they hate us because we’re free.
You gotta be scared,
and tell all your friends to be scared,
because they want to burn Old Glory
in our streets, they want to sodomize
your husband, they want to cut off
your TV, and close McDonald’s.
They want to steal our oil,
so we can’t drive our children to soccer in SUVs.
They are going to turn us into queers.
Are you scared yet? Are you under the spell?
They got diseases worse than AIDS,
it’ll come in the mail and your kids’ cereal.
They are gonna poison the water,
poison the food, toxins will float through
the air like fairy dust, you’ll become a fairy.
You believe me don’t you? Don’t you, huh?
If not, you’re un-American,
you hate freedom, you hate Baby Jesus,
you’re a fag, you’re a bed-wetter, you’ll use
our flag to wipe your ass and suck from the tit
of those devil-worshipping terrorists.
You love France, who’d still be wearing
swastikas if it weren’t for us, The US.
Stay here and eat the Freedom Fries,
you know you want a big salty plate, with
good old American ketchup to cover the lies.
It tastes so good going down.
In November you’ll vote for me,
vote for the bombs, the blood money, and I
promise the homos won’t be allowed to marry
and we’ll only give money to Africa if they
promise not to wear condoms and spread AIDS.
Your contributions are welcome, open your heart
and your checkbook. I’ll let God know you donated
generously to secure your place in Heaven
with all the other righteous Americans.
God only loves America, he’s on our side.
I’m sitting on God’s right shoulder
and I’ll put you on the left as long as you’re
not a bleedin’ heart Left Winger.
Just make that check out for a million,
we won’t tell, you’re buying security
for the future of the homeland and beyond.
I’ll make all your fears disappear or at least
distract you from them. Look at the monkey,
look at the dancing monkey. He does tricks.
I’m George W. Bush, and I approved this message.


Anonymous said…
I think this really boils it down to what Bush and the Republicans are trying to do. Good work.
Anonymous said…
Another Kool-Aid drinking Kerry supporter.
BLUE said…
C: Think you should consider using the word "BLATANT" in your title ... Blatant Messages in Subliminal Campaign Advertising. light! ~BLUE
Anonymous said…
Collin...I am beginning to believe that your political poems are your best work. This one was amazing.

Randy J

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