TGIF: Lordamercy...this weekend couldn't come to soon. Work has been a bitch, but I think things are settling a bit (knock wood). I came home today and found a package in my mailbox. Steve Ramirez, co-host of the reading at the Ugly Mug in SoCal, sent me a pristine recording of my gig there back in February. I wanted to thank him publicly at this space, and I've already begged for permission to use some of it for my CD that will be coming out later this year.

It's going to be a busy weekend. Sunday is my featured spot at the Second Sunday open mic at the Barnes & Noble in Norcross, GA. The reading is celebrating two years and there are some other fine poets on the bill including Amy Pence and Robin Kemp. It starts at 3 p.m. Check out B&N's website for directions. The always delovely and delicious Lisa Allender will be the host. That same evening, Cherryl Floyd-Miller is reading at Java Monkey Speaks in Decatur. You don't want to miss that either.

Tonight is the final taping for On That Note, hosted by my pal Kodac Harrison. The guest is the hilarious Nathan Deen. For whatever reason, the response to On That Note has been poor from an audience standpoint. Crowds have ranged from three or four people to 20 or more. Kodac and I have debated the case several times, but I believe it's because people are spoiled and don't want to pay the $10 admission (and the entertainment is worth three times that or more). Poets and performers need to get paid, too. The last few episodes of On That Note should air at some point on Public Radio South. I was supposed to read and be taped in August, but...oh, well.

On my way home from work, the blathering idiot known as talk show host Sean Hannity was running his mouth about how Americans have more fun than Europeans. He was talking about flying in a plane over Long Island and looking down at all the golf courses and tennis courts and that we Americans were just a more relaxed, fun people. Then he started rattling off about how we were so much better off in this country and that, "even poor people can afford a microwave oven." This guy is a total fucking moron. It's frightening. I would say Dubya has his hand up Sean's ass making him talk like a Charlie McCarthy doll, but since Dubya can't get his head out of his own get the picture.


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