GEORGIA LITERARY FESTIVAL: I'm definitely going to be at the Georgia Literary Festival down in Columbus, GA on Saturday, Aug. 14 from 2-4 p.m. My name was finally added to the site of authors who will be reading and signing. There will be copies of Better To Travel and the anthology Shout Them From the Mountain Tops anthology that also features my work. I'm very excited about being at the beautiful Springer Opera House and getting to hobknob with such folks at Shay Youngblood and Janice Daugherty. For more info on the festival click here. You can find a complete list of authors, directions, etc. My thanks to Bill Starr at the Georgia Center for the Book and the fabulous Patty Chamberlain at the Barnes & Noble in Columbus for getting me on the program.

Java Monkey Speaks was a hoot last night. The weather was sultry and I guess that put everyone in a raunchy mood. Had some good laughs with Lady, Kodac, Claire and Nathan. Kristi Kontak gave a great featured reading.

Before Java Monkey, I finally watched Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane. It's a sweet little movie. Damn, I wish I had a cheating husband who would give me money so I could go buy a house in Tuscany.


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