ON BEING A GAY AMERICAN: New Jersey Gov. James McGreevy gave a moving coming out speech this week. Unfortunately, his speech was at the expense of his wife, children and family and is adding more fuel to the conservative-right-wing-nutcase fire. It is very sad that it took McGreevy so long to come out of the closet, although you can't blame him. We continue to live in a society that makes gays and lesbians second class citizens and (if you listen to the zealots) sinners. His big mistake was having the affair with the aide, who is now being a bitter queen and stating it was two years of sexual harassment. Yeah, right. While some men may be gay, they are still men. As history as shown, a man (gay, straight, bi) will risk everything for a piece of ass or a blow job.

Another misfortune is that McGreevy's coming out speech sends a mixed message. To many, it sounded like McGreevy was resigning as governor because he is gay and unfit to lead. The conservatives and religious right are all over that angle. However, America should be reminded that nearly 300 elected officials who are openly gay. McGreevy's sexuality is not the issue, but that's all you're going to hear about. He now has to rebuild his personal life...that must take precedent over politics. Chances are, rumors and stories will be coming out of the woodwork about other potential affairs or liaisons McGreevy's had while in office. It would be impossible to lead a state under that kind of dissection. Should he resign immediately as the Republicans are demanding? Tough call. He's obviously holding out so his second in command can take over and run NJ until 2006. The Republicans smell blood in the water and hope that the wave of anti-gay sentiment being fueled by Dubya and his christian cult would put one of their minions in as governor. For that reason alone, I hope McGreevy holds firm.

Another disappointment was California nullifying the 4,000 plus wedding certificates obtained by same-sex couples in San Francisco earlier this year. I know there are many out there who don't like to make the comparison about the Civil Rights movement and the Gay Rights movement, but it becomes more and more obvious to me as the days go by. We have Dubya trying to put discrimination into the Constitution and you have states ratifying laws against gay marriage. In Georgia, the people will vote on Nov. 2 about changing the state constitution to ban gay marriage, but the way the bill is written, it could also affect some of the minor victories won in the gay community such as insurance for committed partners. Sadly, Georgia is full of bible-thumping, redneck, scaredy cats who are so worried about the queers coming to get them in the night, that the amendment will probably pass.

Just like Marilyn Manson said in Bowling for Columbine, America thrives on fear and those in power continue to pump us full of it because it lets them retain power. The White House is telling you to be scared of the dirty faggots who are undermining the fabric of democracy and the conservative religious right eats it with both hands. All Dubya really needs is the little mustache and an armband and I could draw another comparison...but I think you know what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said…
Mix up another pitcher of Kool Aid, Collin, and drink it all down. Kerry should put you on his advisory team so they could lose even faster.
Teamaster said…
(First of all,I must say that there are Kool-Aid drinkers on BOTH sides who would excuse just about anything because one of those bums sing THEIR tune. Bush has his own Bushtown Kool-Aiders.)

Some great points in your latesy blog about the recent McGreevy mess!

Aside from the misfortune of belated closet-exit, I think that McGreevy can very deservedly be considered a jackass for his bodyslam of his wife and children...

...So I think that the gay thing is best treated as a particular, a minor point, next to the overall fact that McGreevy's just another politician who couldn't keep his snake reined. :)

I part a bit on the effectiveness of any "conservative" bashing of gays, however. The days of such mass abuse are waning. I think the exploitation of "the gay issue" should be abandoned on BOTH Dem and Rep sides (because the Dems exploit gays as much as Reps).

If folks are to bejudged by their actions, policies, and regard for Consititutionality, then why the hell is the gay/straight thing such a damn focus?? It has become yet another hollow contention point for the warring political parties...

...Your excellent point about some men "being men" is so honest and so refreshing in this climate of watered-down, PC bullshit.

Being gay doesn't excuse certain actions - any more than being straight would. And THAT is the crux. People behaving badly are people behaving badly. Period. Bravo!

McGreevy's stand would have been more noble had he done so BEFORE duping a woman into marrying him and having children. Now, sadly, will become a gay issue and nothing more or less. Sigh.

As for the Hitler/Bush reference, I'll say this...

I think the comparisons with Nazis in regard to regard for homosexuality has become too simple. Not only because a notable number of Hitler's goons *were* gay, but because I think the Nazi treatment of gays was accompanied by many other (equally abused) kinds of folks, including Christians (and gay Christians, I'll bet).

Bush seems to be doing what the Dems do in regard to gays: exploiting - except from "the other side". He's pandering to religious folks, indeed. Hell, why do you think so many Christians (of many sects) have bought so much of his bullshit so far? "He's a Godly man." FOOLS! Don't they know that early Christians were once disenfranchised back in their early days?? And that leaders pandered to other ideologues through exploitation??

Hitler told folks what they wanted to hear - then he jailed/slaughtered/discriminated against anyone who was a threat or didn't fit the agenda - no matter who they were.

The American tide is moving in that direction. And the dissidents will be straight, gay, black, atheist, Christian, Jew, you name it.

-David (Teamaster)
Anonymous said…
From the perspective of a local gal, the McGreevy incident is unfortunate, mainly because of the media coverage. Aound these parts (the tri-state) you would think by the news that he's stepping down because he's a gay male. Not so much. He's stepping down, as stated, because he thought with the wrong organ and hired someone who was unqualified to fill a position based on "personal" connections - a crime that MANY people in such positions (straight or gay) are guilty of. The day the news broke, the Fox news channel had the "breaking story" that McGreevy would be stepping down due to the embarrassing revelation of his sexual orientation. Again, not so much. Shame on Fox and the right-wing media, not on a man who's stepping up to the plate and admitting he f'd up.

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