THE CD HAS A NAME: My upcoming CD has a name at last. The compilation of work from Better To Travel, live readings from the Ugly Mug in California and new studio recordings will be called HalfLife Crisis. I am hoping to have the CD available for sale at my readings and on the main website at in November. I hope to have a CD release party in late November or early December. I'm very excited about the release. It's going to be very cool.

I had a very busy weekend. On Friday night, I went to see the UK comedy Shaun of the Dead and then to Mary's for drinks with my old friend, Brent. Hadn't seen him in months and months. The movie was fun (although a bit long) and a good antidote for a long work week. Another friend, Stuart, is a VJ at Mary's and was playing all UK videos. He played Kate Bush, Kylie and Moloko just for me. Cheers, Stuart.

On Saturday, Lisa Allender and I went to see A Man of No Importance at Theatre Gael. A brilliant production of Terence McNally's musical. Afterwards, we met up with Lisa's friend Danny and Theatre Gael artistic director John Stephens at Manuel's Tavern for dinner.

On Sunday, I recorded two episodes of The Business of Words (visit for details) with Kodac Harrison and Tania Rochelle. Both interviews were fun and will be airing during the month of October. Definitely check those out. Later that evening, I went to Java Monkey Speaks to hear Tara Betts feature. She was superb. Also saw my poetry pals, including Cherryl. I had to check a couple of people from the mic for their stupid comments. I totally humiliated one poet who was goofing a little too much on my "gay" poems. Never, EVER, make uncalled for statements when a crazy bitch like me is on stage in front of a full house and is INFINITELY more clever than you. SNAP!


BLUE said…
SNAP! indeed. he deserved it. what is that boychild really afraid of, i wonder? hmmm ... (and out of the other side of my mouth, who gives a f*ck ... and who gives him a f*ck?) light! ~BLUE
Teamaster said…
That's great about your CD, Collin! Woooooo!!! SNAP!


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