WORLD AIDS DAY: With the little media attention it received in this country, you would never know that 6,000 people died today in Africa from AIDS and 1,300 were children. The pandemic continues to grow. The BBC reported today that the US refuses to allow African nations to buy cheaper drugs, but must buy FDA approved drugs at a higher rate. This is the kind bullshit that will see another 8 million dead in South Africa alone before the end of the decade. First it was Dubya's forcing his moral values on Africa saying that only abstinence-based (read "faith-based') organizations were eligible for funding, now Dubya is helping to line the pockets of the drug companies. The bottom line for the next four years will be Dubya and Cheney (if he lives) making sure they have filled as many of their own and their buddies coffers as possible.

Southern Voice newspaper reported this week that some hick Alabama Republican wants to ban all books, plays and magazines that portray gays in a positive light or have any kind of gay content at all. With the christian right in full control of the south, I wouldn't be surprised if this passed in Alabama. Truman and Tennessee must spinning in their graves. Southern Voice also had an interesting article on gays and lesbians who want to expatriate themselves to other countries. Canada seems to be the easiest bet, but Europe is tightening up its immigration laws to make it almost impossible. If I'm going to move to England in the next five years, I'm gonna have to get a better book deal.


Teamaster said…
I agree that the African AIDS situation needs more sensible attention - by Americans involved in the fight AND Africans. I chalk the continual proliferation of AIDS up to both inefficient programs AND stupid people.

Just about everybody and their mother knows about AIDS, what it can do, how to get it, etc. AIDS awareness is a silly term, for the most part. What folks need to realize is that PART of the fix is SELF-CONTROL and responsibility. Stop banging everyone that breathes - or at least use PROTECTION. (This is where availability of protection comes in, of course.)

As for the savages who believe that raping and mutilating INFANTS to miraculously CURE AIDS: rot in hell. I wish some invisible force would strike these devils dead before innocent babies suffer and/or die for such brutal idiocy.

Luckily there ARE some faith-based orgs that promote protection. More should go that route.

But the bottom line is the people. Get smart and be careful.

Teamaster said…
Luckily this moron will probably be ignored.

I wish I could send him a postcard of Oscar Wilde naked. :)


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