STATE OF THE DISUNION: I'm sitting here listening to Dubya give his state of the union address, and at this very moment, he's once again resigning gays and lesbians to second class status by supporting an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Funny, not a mention of civil unions, the bandwagon he jumped on toward the end of the election when his numbers were sinking. Now that's he won, he's back to business as usual...pandering to the christian fundamentalists who put him in office. And, just now, he's talking about nominating judges who will uphold "values" and that his government will continue to support "faith-based organizations" (i.e. more christian fundamentalists). This is a sick, sad son-of-a-bitch. He's droning on about Social Security, which is going to see members of his own party jump ship if he continues to push voluntary retirement accounts. Even Republicans realize their constituents aren't going to put up with monkeying with their monthly checks. With congressional elections looming in 2006, Dubya has a long uphill battle. Good thing he has warmongering in the Middle East to keep him warm.

Old Dubya is riding high on the success of the elections in Iraq. Okay, so they held an election. I'm thrilled. Now where's the exit strategy to get American troops out of there? You workin' on that Condi and Rummy? My guess is no. According to Seymour Hersh's damning article in the last issue of The New Yorker, the Dubya administration is too busy planning to invade Iran. You can read the article at this link. We've got a puppet government hand-picked by America and Iraq doesn't have its own army, which means American troops are there indefinitely. Where are the troops going to come from to support a war in Iran? Hmmm....can you say draft? Dubya is giving the same kind of talk about Iran ("largest supporter of terrorism") that he did before we invaded Iraq.

Now Dubya is talking about terrorism...using more of his scare tactic language and how "we're going to keep fighting terrorism until we have won." Somewhere, Osama bin Laden is smoking a big stogie, laughing his ass off and planning the next terrorist attack. Since Dubya has ignored keeping our borders safe (Mexico is basically a revolving door and you could sail a boat full of atomic bombs into any harbor), my guess is that Al Qaida operatives are already working in this country for the next attack. Dubya says we need to eliminate "radicals and tyranny" in the world...ummm...Georgie, look in the mirror and start with yourself. He says America will not impose its rule on other countries. Oh, dear, god...he has completely lost touch with reality.

Now that I've given the Republicans a good thrashing, I'll say one good thing about them. They refused to accept the United Nations report on Darfur, which says a genocide is not taking place. Read the story here. However, while America is giving good soundbites, it's not lifting a finger to send any troops there. Dubya and his band of merry idiots go on and on about the tyranny and horrors of Iraq, but can't send a single soldier to Darfur where thousands have died and millions displaced.

Last night, I read at a benefit for glbt survivors of the tsunami in Asia. There was a wonderful turnout at Outwrite Books and I was honored to share the bill with Franklin Abbott, Maria Helena Dolan, Vim Jairath, Angela Motter, Pat Wells, Craig Washington and Veronica Jones. Veronica raised a few eyebrows with her poem about how we give money and support when a tragedy is large enough, but other issues...such as gay rights...fall by the wayside here at home. She had a point and I totally got her message, but some there did not. Their loss. Outwrite owner Philip Rafshoon (who I love) said a few people were also incredibly pissed off about my political poems, including the one called Siege about Reagan's death and my refusal to deify him. This was one of those misguided "Log Cabin Republicans," who I associate with the Jews who aligned themselves with the Nazis. Wake up and smell the oppression! When I read my poem calling out Condi Rice, someone in the audience mumbled "I like her." That's your misfortune. If you want to love that modern day Step N' Fetchit, be my guest, but she's sold her soul to whitey and is a warmonger just like the rest of them. I'm sure she's lovely and I hear she plays great piano, but maybe she should have stuck with that.

What really moved me last night was Angela Motter when she got up to sing. She began to cry because she said it seemed for awhile in the 1990s, the glbt community was starting to get a footing in this country. Now, it all seems lost. Maria said, "look at the longview." I agree with her, but sometimes it's hard. I'm already looking ahead to 2008. We MUST redouble our efforts to take back this country from the radical right that has gotten the upperhand.


Anonymous said…
"Okay, so they held an election. I'm thrilled."

Keep bitchin' and help the Republicans put another in office term. Democracy is like a family and right now the house is full of whiners and what Democrat or Republican wants to go over there? Rise up!

I can't read one positive thing without ninety percent of it boo-hoo'in'.
Collin said…
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Collin said…
Ummm...can you say that again in English?
Anonymous said…
Hey Collin! It's Kristi, your favorite summer intern. I have the month of February off and am now in Atlanta visiting Ulf and my friends for a few days. Ahh, so good to be back!! "Summer semester" in Austria begins March 1. If only I could go to Java on Sunday, unfortunately will miss it as I'll be in STL with my family at that time. Things with Ulf are still going strong, so I'll probably be back sometime this next semester and will get my Java fix then. I miss your poetry!! "Banda Aceh" is amazing!!! I couldn't stop reading it. You're amazing. Can't wait to come back to Java and see everyone. Tell them all I say HI! I heard Lady and Icon are together - how adorable. I wonder how your love life is going? ;-)
Bookfraud said…
ya know, of all the many, many, many things that enrages me about W., civil rights is the top of the list. the anti-gay rights agenda makes my blood boil -- only man who makes me madder on this is rick santorum. of course Bush is going to support this crap: politicially it has no downside and makes the bigots happy. Gays and lesbians are an easy target, and if the issue was blacks marrying whites or jews marrying christians, he'd do the same thing -- too bad for him he wasn't in politics in the 1950s.
Teamaster said…
Osama is probably smokin' that stogie - or something with more zing - at Camp David! Birds of a feather. Folks should read Orwell's 1984. The crooked government manufactured "terrorist" attacks to keep folks scared - and invented an arch enemy named Goldstein who was strangely and perfectly evasive.
Teamaster said…
last note by D., by the way. :)
Teamaster said…
I must disagree about the sold-soul bit about Rice, though. Not that i agree with her political alliance. But I'm careful to note that a specific way of thinking (political, philosophical, religious, etc.) is not *required* of certain races. It seems Democratic Party tenets and causes have become synonymous with "proper" black thinking - and I see this as sadly anti-liberty.

If whites, for instance, are free to be either "liberal" (I use the term loosely and usually for the sake of argument) or "conservative" (likewise), then why can't blacks also have such latitude? One only has to look at double standards and selective support for blacks to see a basic, politically powerful monopolization of black citizens (their votes, trustt, and general support). Democrat officials seem to exploit race accord when it suits their agendas - but watch out if a black man or woman dares stray from the towed line or happens to have different or opposite beliefs.

In other words, I see second-hand racism happening when it comes to *expecting* - or demanding - that blacks vote, think, and act in a certain way, no matter if it's called "right" or "liberal" or whatever. I don't think the fact that Rice is black or female ought to color - AHEM - her decisions, job choices, etc.

I think a lot of "enlightened" whiteys might be shocked at some major black figures' views - like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Jean Toomer, etc. Malcolm X (underrated or misunderstood by many whites) even warned against white "friends of the Negro" who actually fostered chains with their assumptions and bandwagons similar to those of the old slavemasters.

NOTE: I'm speaking generally here. Collin is not one of the dummies I mention above, mind you. His mention of Rice just inspired me to make clear my concerns about typical, dangerous results of "going down this road", so to speak.

If I were Rice, however? I'd quit. Such bedfellows would make me nauseous. Plus, manufacturing war must be a hard pill to swallow at the end of each day.

Collin said…
You make good points, David, but I have to stand by what I say. Condi Rice is an intelligent woman. She is being manipulated and used by white men in power. You notice that Colin Powell got out of dodge when he saw the writing on the wall. I have infinite more respect for him.
Teamaster said…
I get what you mean, Collin. But I guess I want to give her more credit in regard to free will rather than her surrender to racial exploitation. Fools come in all colors, in other words. (If you consider her foolish.)

And she could be slammed for working for an all black administration, too, in the same situation. This is the area where you and I get closer to agreement: the frustration with folks legitimizing these domino wars. I just omit the racial aspect, that's all.

I found one of the X quotes I wanted to included before, from my worn but trusty AUTOBIOGRAPHY:

"...'liberalism' means 'Let's keep the knee-grows in their place - but tell them we'll treat them a little better; let's fool them more, with more promises." - Malcolm X

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