CRACKS IN THE CONSERVATIVE ARMOR: You've probably heard about Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed earlier this year in Iraq who is camped outside Dubya's ranch in Crawford, Texas wanting to meet with him to talk about getting the troops out of Iraq. Of course, he won't meet with her. He went to a Republican fundraiser today in his big limo and had to pass right by her and she was holding up a sign that read: WHY DO YOU MAKE TIME FOR DONORS AND NOT FOR ME? Hundreds have gathered outside Dubya's ranch to support her and thousands are apparently flocking for a protest there this weekend. Dubya and his handlers continue to make PR gaffes left and right as our so-called president's approval numbers tumble even further. A grieving mom of a proud soldier and the prez won't even acknowledge her...bad, very bad, Georgie.

In more interesting news, the Christian right nutjobs and their supporters are about to go ballistic over Dubya's nomination of John Roberts for the Supreme Court. Turns out Roberts worked pro bono for the gay side on a landmark 1996 Supreme Court case, Romer vs. Evans. He could have recused himself, but he didn't. Conservatives are already screaming for Dubya to find another candidate, and even radio talk show hatemongers Hannity and Coulter are worried. Good. The Republicans were worried the Dems were going to try and tear Roberts apart, but it looks like some of its own members (esp. those who pander to the Christian right) will do it themselves. HA! However, we shouldn't grow complacent. Just because he did something nice for the gay community once, doesn't mean he won't try to tear apart Roe v. Wade and other freedoms if he's confirmed. Call me cautiously optimistic. If it makes the conservatives squirm...all the better.


Teamaster said…
I haven't followed this mom-meet-Bush case too closely, so I'm relying on a few news mentions and your post's latest update.

Did she have audience with him previously, before her son died? Or was that some other woman?

Regardless, my gut reaction is this: Damn, it would be cool to have a prez intimately adderess a citizen's grief (over the war loss of a grown child, in this case). It would testify to human compassion, etc.

BUT...(and I hate to use "but") non-gut/more tempered reaction is this: What about anyone else who thinks they deserve special attention, who is pissed that he/she lost loved ones in war, who thinks the nation is going down the shitter or sliding into a police state and must be saved, and so on?

See what I mean? It's a precedent for all-out waiting lists for presidential audience (with any president) - and then backlash when whatever prez. declines.

Now my gut reaction is strong, mind you. And I wish presidents were less like kings in many respects, but I'm just looking at the crummy reality of things.

It would be the same with Blair and the rest of those bigwigs. And while I wish differently, I can understand why.

Are mainstream media folks even positing this??

The gay thing with Roberts is reassuring that he applies himself to Constitutionality over particular political biases.

If he opposes Roe v. Wade (which I doubt he will in any huge way), he probably does so on Constitutional principle rather than ideology. There ARE many folks who aren't fundamentalists who think RVW a bad decision about a favorable cause, remember.

I agree with you about squirming. Wake the robots up! :)
Ryan said…
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