BLOGGER TROUBLE: For all those who commented yesterday, thank you. I did see your comments since they are emailed to me. However, they won't appear on the blog itself. Blogger announced today that it had a database issue so any comments or posts made yesterday/this morning before they caught the problem are toast. This didn't affect every blog, just those on that specific database. Sigh. I think it's fixed now...hopefully.

I'm keeping a low profile this weekend. Reading, writing and finally sitting down to watch the 40 Year Old Virgin, which I missed in theaters and everyone has been raving about.

Thanks again for reading.


Clare said…
I wanted to see that movie at the cinema but never got round to it. Will look forward to your review :).
Bookfraud said…
that was a real bummer, the comments. have you thought about switching to haloscan? since i've switched, have had no trouble with it. the only downer is that i couldn't get my old comments back...sigh...hope steve carrell is still funny.

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