CRAZY CONSERVATIVES: As predicted, the amendment to the U.S. Constitution to bay gay marriage failed in the senate. Several Republicans senators claimed that this issue was the most important facing America. What a load of steaming shit. The Dems correctly called this an attempt by the Republicans to re-energize its right wing Christian whackjob base ahead of mid-term elections in the fall.

I was going to write something nasty about that vitriolic, woman-hating, bitch Ann Coulter and her new book Godless, but her attack on the wives whose husbands died on Sept. 11 have even caused her conservative sycophants to take a step back. She's officially part of the lunatic fringe. Only Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh want her to keep sucking their limp dicks. They can have her crazy ass.


jenni said…
that woman is a freakin nutcase--i mean a real sociopath! she actually won an award last year!
Collin said…
The real tragedy is that she gets way too much publicity. Although she's a crazy, she's become savvy at marketing. Hmmm...maybe I should write a book called "Ann Coulter is a Crazy Bitch" and go out on the talk show circuit. lol
she needs to go live on an island with foul snakes and salty water.
Anonymous said…
This ho needs to have her mouth sewn shut and her fingers chopped off. No more talking and no more writing for her.

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