RANDOM NOTES: It's been hectic at the day job after coming home from the UK. I've been waking up every morning about 4:30 a.m. and by 9 p.m. I'm yawning and ready for bed. I've been unable to shake off UK time. Over the weekend, I've made myself stay up late and sleep in to counteract.

On Friday night I went to Aurora Coffee to Dr. Madelyn Hatter's new open mic. After a big crowd last month, there was only a handfull this time. Shame. However, did get to hear Cleo and Rupert do some great work.

Last night, I met Mal for dinner and we went to see Running With Scissors. It lacked the humor and energy of the book. Mal thought Annette Benning was the star of the film, but I think Jill Clayburgh (pictured) will get the film's only Oscar nod for best supporting actress. She was the heart and soul of the film in a part much expanded from the book.

MetroMania Press is nominating work from Slow To Burn for the Pushcart Prize, which was a lovely bit of news this weekend. Kodac and I are also picking our favorites from the Java Monkey Speaks Anthology and nominating them, too.

R.I.P. - Ed Bradley, Gerald Levert and Jack Palance.


Teamaster said…
Congrats on the Pushcart nom for SLOW TO BURN, Collin!!!!!!!! Good luck!

- D.
I thought it was also a much expanded part from the book, but she was funny and very heartfelt - I don't remember that in the book. Funny how now she's suing Augusten.

Speaking of Augusten, he's so hot and kind in person.
jenni said…
Congrats on the Pushcart nom!

Yea, it must be hell trying to get back on the right time schedule.

I want to see RWS Sooooo bad. Maybe I'll catch a matinee tomorrow.
Robert said…
Congratulations on the nomination. That is most excellent.
Cleo said…
Congrats on another pushcart nod.

In "Scissors" any poet has to love the "poet's circle" scene where Annette Benning is going off about owning your anger and "what would Anne Sexton do?" Then she proceeds to go around and tell everyone how much their poetry sucks.

There's a lot in there for poets. The BIG reading where only one person shows up, the fantasy reading where there's a whole auditorium of adoring fans, and I especially loved young Augusten's play reading to all his stuffed animals while his father just shakes his head in disbelief in the doorway.
Collin said…
Yeah, the poetry stuff was funny, although I couldn't get past the error they made on the dates. Right before Annette Benning launched into her "what would Anne Sexton do" bit, the date on screen said it was 1978. Sexton had been dead for three years. The time period of the film seemed to jump all over the place. I know...it's minor, but it took me out of the story.

The whole early poetry stuff didn't really stick with me. I think it's because Benning just didn't work me in that part. I wanted someone like Sigourney Weaver in there giving the crazy more nuance.
I totally caught the Sexton error too. I was pissed. I was like "She had gassed herself long before then." Boy-X next to me was like "Shut up, Montgomery, Chenoweth is coming up in her lesbian scene."
M. Shahin said…
Congrats Collin on the Pushcart nomination!! More poetry power to you :-)
Anonymous said…
That's great news about the Pushcart nomination. Deserving. Good for you.

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