A TASTE OF PUSSIPO: The AWP Conference is under way and tonight I met up with Cleo Creech to go the PussiPo reading at Eyedrum. All the poets performing were women who belong to the PussiPo listserve, and since they are all in town for AWP, it was the perfect opportunity for an "off-site" event. Loved hearing Evie Shockley, Catherine Daly, Kate Greenstreet, Janet Holmes and of course Reb Livingston. If this is any indication of how the rest of the weekend will be, it should be a blast. I am an AWP virgin, but I've heard plenty of stories of drunk debauchery and hooking up. I'll be flitting about the conference tomorrow and at the Georgia Writers Association table from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m., so come and see me.

Tonight on my way out, I thought my apartment building was on fire. There was smoke around the building, and as I pulled out of the parking deck I saw all of downtown Atlanta was covered in a haze. When Cleo and I met at Daddy Dz barbecue for dinner before the reading, it was the top story on the news. According to the AJC, it was caused by a combination of a controlled burn of 3,000 acres some 60 miles away and a series of brushfires burning in the same vicinity. It was quite ominous to see.

I missed American Idol tonight, so someone fill me in!


and that's what they call a controlled fire.

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