SANJAYA LIVES! BYE BYE, CURLY: I am nearly giddy as a tween girl that Sanjaya Malakar survived yet another elimination on American Idol tonight. A couple of the websites who track the votes put Sanjaya in the top four tonight. I believe it. And American Idol is totally using him as a ratings boost now. Those producers know they have struck gold with this kid...he's really the only reason to watch this yawner of a season. Ryan Gaycrest started the show by saying, "America is asking two questions: Who's going home and what will Sanjaya do to his hair?" Then Gaycrest came out wearing a pony-hawk wig. You, Miss Ryan, are no Sanjaya. Since the number of votes each contestant receives is kept secret, it would be easy for the producers to make sure Sanjaya stays until at least the top three. That would be smart.

So, it was Phil, Haley and Chris Sligh in the bottom three -- no surprise there. Gaycrest asked the judges who was going home and, of course, Randy and Lady Pills pussied out, but Simon put it succinctly: "Bye Bye, Curly." And then Chris "Mouth Breather" Sligh was history. They let him sing most of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," and as Chris was hugging the other Idols, he said loudly into the microphone as he hugged Phil, "You owe me fifty bucks." I guess Curly Joe knew he was going home. I don't think he's too upset about it either. Did you see him while Gwen Stefani and Akon were badly lip-syncing "The Sweet Escape"? He looked like he was in hell. Or maybe they wagered on Sanjaya going home. Silly boys...never bet against the house.


Anne said…
Shameful admission: Haley really can't sing, but I'm glad she'll be around for another week because I really kinda like looking at her. She's just damned cute.

Oh, wait, was that out loud?

Also, I really thought Paula might put on the Sanjaya wig for half a second there. How much would that have ruled?
C. Dale said…
I am starting to freak myself out because for the third week in a row I have called who will be going home on Idol. My new name is NostraDalus. Sanjaya needs to go, but I am afraid we have many more weeks before America outvotes the Sanjaya crowd. It will take eliminating another 2-3 people before the Fanjayas are defeated!
Collin said…
Vive la Fanjaya!!! lol


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